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A busy mom

Excuse me moms, can we have this discussion?!? The life of a mom can be very overwhelming.

Let’s start with a typical morning — getting yourself together, getting the children dressed, and making sure there is breakfast, making sure YOU eat breakfast, being rushed to get out of the door every morning to get to work, and battling traffic. Or you could be a mom who has to manage your children during your daily meeting. Talk about multi-tasking at its finest — whew!

If you find yourself having these experiences, then THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU! 

As a mother, you hold so many responsibilities that you can easily lose focus on the person that matters. You may be wondering who is that person outside of my children my husband, or my job. Well mommy, that person is you! 

I have had countless conversations with mothers and self-neglect is the number one issue. It’s easier to get lost in your day-to-day and not think about the person who is the driving force. And mom, YOU are the driving force. I often use the saying  “If mom is not happy no one is happy,” and I am a firm believer. 

Being a mom is a superpower and it deserves REST.

I want this message to normalize the feelings that many mothers may feel but are often too ashamed to speak about — the constant thinking about others rather than yourself, constantly being on the go, and being selfless. 

I want to tell mothers it’s okay to rest! It’s okay if you want to buy yourself something nice, treat yourself to your favorite dessert, pamper yourself, or if you simply want to stay home and binge-watch a series while ordering pizza or take-out. Why not? You deserve it.

Something I have learned as a mother is that you have to do those check-ins with yourself to make sure you’re okay and your mental health is okay. Like I said, “If mom is not happy nobody is happy.” 

Treating yourself, and being nice to yourself, are vital for making sure your mental health is intact. I can’t tell you how many conversations that I have with moms where this is the common theme. And just hearing other moms speak and normalize their experiences is a breath of fresh air.

If you or someone you know would like a safe space to continue the Mommy Discussion, I’m here to help! I currently provide virtual therapy services, with evening availability. I am also a member of the Mindful Health Virtual Team, there’s a group of enthusiastic clinicians ready to serve you – call us today for an appointment at 972-346-1885 or

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