Suzanne Cox

Suzanne Cox

Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner


About Me

I have always known that my life’s path was to empower others. As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (Certified in The Aroma Freedom Technique), endurance athlete, wife, and mom, I decided to become the gatekeeper of my home and empower my household to live healthier. And that started what I am so passionate about today – wellness.


Certification: Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Institution: Trinity School of Natural Health
Year Graduated: 2022

Certification: Certified Natural Health Professional
Institution: Trinity School of Natural Health
Year Graduated: 2021



  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


  • Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner

Tools and Techniques:

  1. The Aroma Freedom Technique (include use of pure essential oils)
  2. Traditional Chinese medicine theory
  3. Advanced client testing methods, including muscle response testing

Personal Statement

Finding healing and freedom from the root cause is my #1 goal for my clients. Client presentations of common health concerns and the most effective recommendations to support specific demographics, including men, women, expectant mothers, children, and seniors.