Elaine Stahl

Elaine Stahl


San Antonio

About Me

I believe everyone has an innate potential for real healing, authentic self care, and growth. Every person has experienced hardship or pain, and I absolutely believe that we can grow through it and reach for joy, no matter what the story is. Hope, opening to possibilities, and self compassion are integral to discovering a whole, healthy self. I am here to create that sacred space for anyone seeking help.


Degree: Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling
Institution: Walden University
Year Graduated: 2013

Degree: Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology
Institution: University of Phoenix



  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Brief solutions focused therapy



  • Couples therapy

Personal Statement

For many people, that moment when he or she decides to reach out for help is the hardest moment. Telling a stranger their private fears and shame can feel daunting or embarrassing. As a therapist, I promise I’m not judging; I’ll meet you where you are. I’ve been creating healing spaces for people for the last 11 years. It takes time to develop trust in the therapeutic relationship. I will offer perspective, and my goal is to help you open to the possibility of viewing your story a bit differently; from disempowered to empowered.

Call to Action

Everyone struggles sometimes; there is no shame in that. I want everyone to be comfortable asking for help when it is needed, just as easily as people go see a medical doctor. Let’s release the stigma around mental health, no matter what a person is struggling with.

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique, and we’re here to ensure you find the right support for yours.


San Antonio

115 N Loop 1604 E ste 2207,
San Antonio, TX 78232

(726) 268-0395

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