Anne Marie Prewitt, LPC

License Professional Counselor

Group 246

About Me

After over thirty years in the corporate world, I returned to school to pursue a passion to become a therapist. Although my previous career was fulfilling, I believe I have found what I was born to do. I consider it an honor to come alongside another in their most vulnerable moments as they navigate their personal struggles and joys.


Degree: M.A in Professional Counseling
Institution: Amberton University
Year Graduated: May 2020

Degree: B.A in Radio/TV/Film
Institution: Baylor University
Year Graduated: May 1985

Certification Name: EMDR Trained
Issuing Organization: Compassion Works
Year Acquired: 2023

Certification Name: CSAT Candidate

Issuing Organization: International Institute for Trauma and Addition Professionals (IITAP)

Year Acquired: 2023


Primary Specialty

  • Developmental Trauma

Secondary Specialties

  • Bipolar, Dual Diagnoses

Tools and Techniques

  • Adlerian theory (social interest, lifestyle, private logic, Socratic questioning, existential anxiety, life tasks, person-to-person relationship, etc.)
  • Post Induction Therapy (PIT)
  • CBT
  • DBT

Personal Statement

Sometimes it is necessary to look back to look forward. Your past experiences and relationships can be the key that unlocks why you think and act a certain way. But the past is simply a place of reference in healing, not the destination. I consider counseling to be a partnership. My task is not to give you advice, but rather to empower you to discover the hidden strength within yourself. You have purpose and together we will work to find peace and healing in your personal journey.

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique, and we’re here to ensure you find the right support for yours.