Class is in session at our Rockwall, TX Location!
Class is in session at our Rockwall, TX Location!



Therapy can help clients process past experiences and gain awareness of how their experiences have shaped their lives. Behaviors that made it possible to endure difficult circumstances in the past may be causing chaos in the present. Therapy provides clients the opportunity to share their story with an experienced clinician who can offer an individualized approach and assist the client in gaining a new perspective. The therapeutic relationship provides the client support and encouragement to make changes to enhance their lives.

The first appointment is the opportunity for the client to meet with our clinical staff and work together to identify the best treatment options. The client will be asked to share reasons for seeking care, their history, and what they have done to resolve problems in the past. The therapist clinical team will want to know how the client is navigating life (i.e., stressors, relationships, work, etc.) and what the client hopes to accomplish through therapy treatment. By the end of the appointment, we will review our team’s recommendations and get you started on your wellness journey.

Mindful Health is currently in the process of enrolling with all the major commercial insurance companies. Mindful Health may be able to secure a single case agreement with the client’s insurance company pending in-network enrollment. Clients can also contact their insurance company to see whether they will cover the costs and how much they will pay. Clients also have the option of filing their own insurance claim after their encounter. Mindful Health can provide an itemized statement of services with industry recognized procedure and diagnosis codes. Some clients choose not to file on their insurance, citing concerns that insurance companies require a mental illness diagnosis in order to pay a claim.

Individual Care

Clients often report feeling a sense of relief and hopefulness after the first appointment. However, therapy can bring up painful emotions and memories that take time to process. Change is hard and healing takes time. Therapy will only work if the client is willing to take a fearless and honest look at self and one’s life. Continuing the therapy journey not only empowers the client to make life enriching changes but builds self-esteem, confidence, and resilience.

Mindful Health offers individual, couples and family therapy via tele-health with experienced, licensed clinicians. Group therapy is provided face to face in our bricks & mortar clinics. For clients who prefer face-to-face encounters for individual therapy, Mindful Health will assist clients with selecting a therapist within our preferred provider networks.

Mindful Health providers specialize in mental health care and are committed to your overall health and wellbeing. Internal Medicine physician visits are incorporated with our group therapy as well as the Resiliency Evaluation, in certain cases. With your permission, we will collaborate with your primary care provider to work as a team to ensure you are receiving comprehensive care for both mind and body. We can also keep your information private if that is your preference.

Group Therapy

Therapy groups are 8-10 persons, maximum. Educational groups include up to 12 members.

Topics covered in PHP include understanding the lasting effects of unresolved anger, addressing the symptoms of anxiety, negative thinking patterns associated with depression, differentiating shame from guilt, and nurturing self-esteem and self-compassion while strengthening resilience. Educational groups include the benefits of nutrition, exercise and creativity, all within a 5 day per week commitment.

Like PHP, topics are focused on understanding emotions, developing skills, processing trauma, as well as yoga, meditation, nutrition, and creativity in 3 days per week. Our Adolescent IOP focuses on Resiliency and developing coping skills within the theoretical framework of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

We have day time options for PHP & IOP (9:00am–1:30pm, 9:00am-12pm) as well as evening options for our Adolescent PHP program (4pm-8:30pm). Don’t worry, we’ll provide lunch and dinner..

Mindful Health services are group-based interventions to facilitate mindfulness, health and healing. Interventions are based on cognitive restructuring, skills acquisition, and psychoeducation to strengthen clients’ coping and connecting within a supportive group environment. Mindfulness techniques teach clients the benefits of being present in the moment, meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga. Educational groups provide nutrition education, physical fitness, yoga, and creativity.